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If you'd like to add a testimonial, please send me it through the "contact" button (under "lots more") or email me directly at Thank you for your support!

Leslie, I have had such a wonderful time training with you this year, and I always look forward to our weekly Pilates sessions. Thank you for taking such great care in keeping me safe while we work on strengthening my body--I love seeing the progress!
Sara D.

Thank you for your kindness and support during the year. You're a master in this field, and I appreciate YOU! -Madeleine, Nurse Practitioner

I want to thank you for sharing your time with our little group every Monday. You are a wonderful Pilates instructor and important part of my well-being. All my gratitude!  Ale, Waccabuc, NY

Leslie, Thank you so much for posting these videos. I've taken your classes at  in the past, but though the pandemic have relied on your videos. You are such a cheerful, inspiring, strong and excellent communicator. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in such a generous way. I fell on the ice and sprained my knee last month. I slowly progressed using these videos. Today I huffed and puffed to this barre routine but made it through for the first time since my injury. I am so grateful. When the time is right I hope to take more of your classes in person. Be well! Kim

When I first started taking Reformer classes with Leslie, I had no mobility in my back. I could not get my body to move like she would show me. I had no idea how to breathe properly. However, thanks to her expertise, I would say by my third or fourth class, I was connected with my abs and my breathing finally clicked for me. Her patients and ability to teach is absolutely phenomenal. I am very impressed and pleased with my results thanks to Leslie.
L.H., New Canaan, CT

Leslie is beyond amazing. When I started working with Leslie I was not sure that I really wanted to work out in a serious way. After the first session, I was hooked. Leslie has a unique way about her. She makes the workout enjoyable and challenging at the same time. As we worked out I discovered that my shoulder pain and slumping were because I had a weak core. Strengthening my core not only improved my posture, it improved my self-image and eased my shoulder pain. Leslie truly understands how to personalize the session. My health issues and physical restrictions are a challenge, but not for Leslie. She was easily able to modify my exercise regimen to meet my physical restrictions and listened when I said a particular exercise hurt me. I think that she gets just as excited by my accomplishments as I do.
Beverly S., Retired Educator

When I started working with Leslie I felt completely overwhelmed by my physical state; I was weak and out of shape and in my fifties. I realized the amount of work ahead of me was daunting. If it was not for Leslie, I would have given up pretty quickly.One of Leslie's strengths is how attuned she is to her client's state of mind; she will modify her regimen accordingly—if I need easy, she'll give me (her version of) easy. Her ability to make that assessment was particularly important when I first began working with her since I was always on the verge of canceling our session! She recognized that I would not return unless she met me where I was and developed a program, which allowed me to gradually build my strength (both mentally and physically) without feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. I have now shifted to a better place, and finally have the secure commitment I lacked initially. I work ten times harder with Leslie standing over me giving encouragement, validation and (just the right amount of) pressure!
Leslie T., Jewelry Designer

Glad to be back, though clearly I need to catch up! Still, you really are the best teacher -- your joyous kind and generous personality shines throughout the class -- thank you!

Randi H., Business Advisor

I've been training with Leslie for almost 2 years now and I can't say enough great things about her. She cares not only about creating good effective workouts, but also a great mind and body experience. I lifted weights consistently for the past 20 years, but the programs she has developed for me have been more effective in ways I could never have done on my own. Now in my 40s, I'm in the best shape and feel better than I ever have. Leslie is encouraging, fun and always gives me that push to keep grinding and improving.

Paul J., Self Employed

A couple of months ago, I met Leslie at a Barre and Beyond class offered at the New Canaan YMCA. I was blown away by her class. She is so inspirational and motivational. Her method of teaching is fun, yet full of knowledge on improving one's posture and strength. Not too long after that she started teaching a TRX and toning class. Every week she brings new exercises into the class to help build our strength and tone our bodies. She is so knowledgeable about what exercises work one's bodies. Needless to say, there is not a week that goes by that I do not feel a stiffness in parts of my body. I have grown stronger and leaner working out with Leslie. Leslie is always willing to part with her knowledge and willing to help after classes if you need help perfecting a move. She has a strong following at the New Canaan Y and my hope is to have her teach more classes.
Lisa Hartslief, Stay-at-Home Mom

Thank you for helping me to: lose 40 pounds; attain amazing calves; increase my upper-body strength; decrease knee and foot pain; add beads to my bracelet (for every 10 pounds lost); and buy a new wardrobe. For all these and more, thank you!

Wendy F., Stamford

Leslie is awesome. She actually found exercises I like to do—so training is fun and something I really look forward to every week. Leslie listened to my goals and understands the demands of real life. She has helped me to find the time I need to workout and she offered specific ways to be more nutritionally fit. Grocery shopping is so much easier with a Leslie list! After only a few weeks, I feel empowered and more balanced in my life. 
Amy D., Attorney

Did you ever think that someone would be thanking you for a sore butt on their birthday? Well, I am loving walking around being made away of my lifted rear. Makes me feel not so old...

Barre & Beyond class participant

Leslie puts the word "personal" in the phrase "personal training." Never have I had such great and varied workouts—each specified to my body, my needs, and my goals. Every session differs and motivates me for the next. Never has my ... been so kicked. Truly the best trainer and workout experience I have ever had.
Regina N., CEO

Leslie provides a welcoming and personalized fitness training environment, even in a group setting. She is attentive to form, technique and effort, while keeping her comments and suggestions positive and upbeat. Leslie makes sure to challenge her clients without overwhelming them, and certainly helps each person achieve his/her goals while he/she enjoys his/herself in the process. 
K&M, the "Inspire Power Couple"


There are so many things that make Leslie an amazing and unique instructor! She keeps the training fun and motivates me by creating new, interesting exercises every session. Her approach is very positive—using words of encouragement and complimenting my successes to push me to excel. I really appreciate that she focuses on proper form so I don't injure myself, and she tailors the workouts to accommodate my joint pain issues. And Leslie's incredible physique is a constant inspiration!!
Liz K., Managing Director

I have worked with many other personal trainers in the past, but I have never worked with a trainer who has paid so much attention to my form and posture, and noticed my weaker areas (and then worked to make them stronger). I have also never had another trainer who has a personalized and written plan designed especially for me each session.  . . .  She is aware of my goal to lose weight and understood my frustration when I couldn't seem to lose it. She motivated me by measuring my body and weighing me and giving me a deadline for my next measurement and weigh-in. She also sends me interesting and relevant articles on working out and weight loss, and even assigned me homework. I am seeing results. I have lost weight and inches, and I have more definition in my arms. I am also definitely stronger.

Christine, M., Marketing Manager

Leslie's barre class is engaging, challenging, and a lot of fun! I forget that I am working so hard because I am enjoying class so much! Leslie is well-versed in proper alignment and positioning and works well with clients at all levels and abilities.

Marni A., Ph.D.

Your (barre) class is amazing. You make it so enjoyable and I look forward to coming. I don't dread the workout. The results are happening! I still have to do my part, but you motivate me with your positive attitude, knowledge and encouragement. 

Varlarie, Dentist

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