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Leslie really pays great attention to my strengths and weaknesses and designs programs accordingly. She is always very happy to see me and makes me feel very welcome. She is also so enthusiastic about my progress, which gives me a feeling of true accomplishment.
Sue B., Mom of Young Children

Leslie is a very positive and energetic trainer that does not push me to work out hard, but gets me to want to push myself hard in our workouts. She understands my needs and goals and make me feel a sense of achievement after each session.
Greg W., IT Program Manager


Leslie always make it worthwhile when I come to her TFW (Training for Warriors) classes. The workout is always varied, she is extremely responsive, and you feel that she is present with you the whole session. She always encourages the most out of your workout, but at the same time offers modifications to suit personal needs and concerns (and also to enhance if you desire to push yourself further). Leslie has a nice style; she makes TFW serious, non-competitive and welcoming each week. Thank you Leslie for pushing me and supporting me at TFW.
Beth M.


I started working out (casually) with Leslie in 2003, when I weighed 235 pounds. Leslie was always motivating me to start walking, and I have managed to lose 106 pounds for several years now. Leslie knows how much I hate cardio and she knows what it takes to motivate me to keep up with my cardio. Leslie always makes working out fun.

Roz W., Mom of Many

I look forward to Leslie's barre class each week. She finds fun and clever ways to work our legs, arms, abs, and butt. Each week is slightly different so it never gets boring. Leslie has a warmth about her, is diligent about making sure our form is correct, and keeps her music volume just right. I always get in a good workout and feel relaxed and happy for hours afterward.
Jordana L.

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