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Sleep More, Weigh Less? Be Happier?

In the past few years, I've flipped my mindset about the benefits of being "so busy!" Like many, while I used to wear it as a badge of success, I have come to realize that more is not always better, especially if it means missing out on sleep. Look how happy the baby is below? Do you feel like that? I certainly find it hard to find peace of mind and focus if I haven't slept enough. In fact, my world spins on its head when I'm sleep deprived. And if I keep it up, my pants fit a little tighter too! According to Tuck, a company dedicated to sleep research and health, "Sleep loss and deprivation causes a host of problems from irritability to impaired cognition, the most notable of which is weight gain." How and why does lack of sleep lead to the addition of pounds? Read on!

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