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Cabin Fever Remedy

So, it's snowing again! I'm done with the endless number of snow days, but all of this white stuff is allowing me to do one of my all-time favorite athletic activities: cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing is an incredibly fun, low-impact way to enjoy the snowy scenery while getting a full-body workout that can burn more than 500 calories an hour! Kick and glide at a moderate pace and march up a few hills, and you'll be shedding layers in no time. I'm happy to take anyone who is interested. Golf courses are perfect for beginners, and when you get the hang of it, we can head into the woods at Mianus River Park or Wards Pound Ridge Reservation. Rentals are available, I'm told, at Outdoor Sports Center in Wilton (203) 762-8797. If they have them, try to get the backcountry/telemark skis with edges, as they are easier to control. If you prefer to snowshoe, rentals can be found at EMS in Stamford (203) 461-9865 or REI in Norwalk (203) 838-1938.

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