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Proved! Mindful Meditation Relieves Anxiety and Stress

We often hear about the benefits of meditation or "being mindful," but new research proves (yet again) that it really works. The article below from NPR shares the details.

I know that the idea of meditating turns a lot of people off or seems reserved for those more spiritual types, but there are actually lots of ways to be mindful or to be in a meditative state. For example, I love to walk! In fact, I refused to move to any neighborhood without a three-mile quiet loop I could walk. When I walk, I let my mind be open and clear--thoughts come in, I acknowledge them, and then let them go. No headphones! The beat of my feet on the pavement sets up the rhythm for a no-brainer meditation. I truly listen to the sounds of the birds (or snow falling on my jacket) and breathe deeply as I walk. That's it.

Another form of being mindful is simply taking a moment to inhale deeply through the nose and blow out whatever thoughts you don't want. That's a good one for work! Do 5 breaths every hour and you've got about 7-10 minutes of meditation packed into your insane day. Add a few more breaths before you eat anything (to encourage healthy eating habits) and a few when you close your eyes to sleep. I think you'll be encouraged by the results. Let me know!

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